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 Adventurous Appetites Anti-Covid-19 measures.

The whole team at Adventurous Apppetites has managed to stay healthy and we are raring to get back to showing you our favourite cities and food!! We do however appreciate that the world has changed somewhat and understand there may be some concerns over travelling in the near future. Below we detail how we are dealing with the situation.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and we will be adapting our tours as necessary, to conform to government regulations and in order to ensure the safety of our clients, guides and collaborators as much as we can while still offering a fun, informative and tasty experience.


Health and Safety Measures


  1. All Madrid Community/Spanish Government restrictions will be adhered to.

Additionally, during this period Adventurous Appetites will be implementing the following measures:

   2. Smaller Group Sizes:


Groups consisting of travellers from different provenances will be limited to a maximum of 6 pax . (On isolated occasions this may rise to a maximum of 8 depending on whether people book in in 3's or 4's)

Groups of 6-10 pax can be accommodated if made in a single booking.

   3. Private Groups:


If you want to have a  tour limited exclusively to your party, we will be offering private tours  subject to a supplement per person. Please estipulate that you would like a private tour when booking.

Private group supplements - 2-3 pax 25GBP pp, 4-5 pax 20GBP pp.


      4. Health and Hygiene:


  • Guides will wear masks in all public places where a safety distance of 2m cannot be guaranteed.


  • Guides will carry hand sanitizer and will be applying this at regular intervals. They will also offer it to clients.

  • Guides's temperatures will be monitored and they will not be conducting tours should they have a fever or any other COVID-19 symptom.

  • In Seville, visits to bars will be conducted on open-air terraces as far as possible.

  • Clients will be required to wear masks AT ALL TIMES in public places unless eating and drinking. Clients are required to provide their own masks.

  • Clients will not be eating from the same plate. All food will be served onto individual plates or be provided in individual servings.


  • ​Clients will be asked to provide their names and contact details so that we have the necessary details to enable track and trace should that ever become necessary.**

  • We will not be monitoring clients' temperatures on arrival as this is likely to have been done in the airport and in hotels. HOWEVER



**This information will be saved for a period of 20 days (this gives us a margin of error as the average incubation period for COVID-19 has been given as 2-14 days and the self-isolation period for people suffering with symptoms has been set at 14 days)


Cancellation, changes and refunds


All tours cancelled due to the Coronavirus have been refunded in full and we have waived our cancellation fees over this period. We will maintain this policy for all Coronavirus related cancellations as long as the COVID-19 situation continues.

Unfortunately due to the rapidly changing situation and government limitations we may be forced to change itineraries without much prior notice. We will try not to make alterations and will let you know about any changes as early as possible but would very much appreciate your flexibility in the current circumstances.



There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in activities conducted in any public place where people are present. We will be implementing a series of measures aimed at reducing risk to a minimum, but COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death and we cannot guarantee or warrant against the risk of infection. By using Adventurous Appetites' services, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 


In the interest of the health and safety of guides, fellow clients and bar workers, clients will be required to adopt all COVID-19 measures advised by Adventurous Appetites. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the tour.


As the world fights to get this very difficult situation under control it is important not to drop our guard. We urge everyone to be responsible and to adopt all measures recommended, in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus and to protect those at higher risk due to advanced age and other underlying health issues.

We hope that we will witness the end of this period very shortly and that we will be able to resume our normal service as soon as possible but in the meantime we would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility as we adapt to the "New Normality" !

We look forward to seeing you in Spain for a fun and social night out of food, drink, history and culture very soon!

Stay healthy and hasta pronto!!!

The Adventurous Appetites team.

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