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Our experienced staff at Adventurous Appetites Activities specializes in Corporate and Group Tour events. From small group settings to gala events, we showcase the very best of Madrid.

Enjoy an authentic Spanish Flamenco performance and join in on the fun! Learn about the basic concepts of Flamenco dance and music, including a quick dance step and castanet playing lesson! Then, be captivated by the experts, as they perform a full Spanish Flamenco show while you indulge in a dinner of delectable tapas. Pay attention in class because you just might be part of the show!
Flamenco Masterclass, dinner and show

Discuss the origins of the art of Flamenco, practice some rhythms, learn some basic movements, and use castanets, fans and mantones (large embroidered shawls) during this interactive workshop designed to give participants an introduction to this Spanish dance tradition. The workshop can be given in English and/or Spanish. And, after class, everyone is invited to delight in a drink around the corner in a typical bullfighting bar.

Flamenco Masterclass and drink

Dalai Lama

Whether you are looking for a stand-up or sit-down gathering, we will organize a fabulous event at a magnificent venue and offer a variety of canapés, hot or cold. Our staff will expertly organize the perfect setting and canapé offering to meet your needs for your reception.

Canape Receptions

The idea of this activity is to give you an overview of the main sights of Madrid and send you home with a real and lasting feeling of what the city and people are all about. The itinerary includes a walking tour around the city center and two stops for tapas before a typical, sit-down lunch of Spanish food and drink, traditionally the largest meal of the day.

Walking Tour Tapas and Lunch

Our trusted, expert staff will organize a formal gala dinner in a variety of stunning locations, personalized to meet your specific event requirements. Whether a large group or corporate gala, a five-course dinner, a canapé reception, traditional Flamenco show, all of the above or more, we are ready to make it happen! 

Gala Events
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