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Feedback from Adventurous Appetites Clients


Phil Robinson Jan 2016

Hi, We were on a tour with Miriam Hi James, the trip was fantastic you can be sure of a 5* review from us, gave us confidence to sniff out the tapas bars and get our orders in! Will definitely be back! Gracias

Shiri Shulman Jan 2016

Hi, We were on a tour with Miriam on Friday the 8th Of January. We had a great time- Miriam was knowledgable and sweet,We will definitely recommend this tour, Thanks, Shiri and David

Kerry Wilbur Dec 2015

Thanks, James.That tour was a highlight of my year. I have been recommending it a lot (as it has been recommended to me).Wishing you a prosperous 2016!

Helen Henry Dec 2015

Just a quick note to let you know how much Warren and I enjoyed our tapas tour on the 11th of Dec - it was actually the standout in a weekend of highlights in Madrid. We actually ended up going back to two of the places on the tour the following night. Please pass on our huge thanks to Miriam and give yourselves a big pat on the back! Will post a review on trip advisor when I have a chance.Feliz Navidad!



Emily Cheng Dec 2015

The tapa tour on Saturday night was wonderful - Miriam was a great guide and gave us a lot of good information about Madrid and Spanish culture - I truly enjoyed it.



Diana Shaw Nov 2015

Thank you so very much for setting the tour up for Sunday night. You did a great job. I loved your stories. Went to the chocolate and churro bar at 8 the next morning. They were going strong. You did a great job giving the history of Madrid. As I was walking around town the next morning I was able to know the history behind the buildings I was seeing because of your tour. I really appreciate the time and extra effort you went through for me. Thank you



Lorette Golan Nov 2015

Thank you very much for a great experience ! Ron said it was the best in Madrid (beside the SuperClasico ☺) See you again


Jeff Fillbrandt Nov 2015

Sorry for the delayed response, Erin and I have been so busy since we returned from our trip, but have not stopped thinking about what a great time we had! I just got done posting our excellent reviews of your tour on both Trip Advisor and Facebook. Thanks again for everything, and we will be sure to recommend your tour to anyone we know visiting Madrid! Thank you!


Keisha Richard Nov 2015

Miriam was awesome. Looooved her. It was a great evening

Victor Mercado Nov 2015

Thanks again James, we had a wonderful time on the tour, my second time and I definitely recommend to everyone who travels to Madrid to do it. I will be leaving you a TripAdvisor Review today.Thanks again!



Elizabeth Haukaas Nov 2015

Just got back from Marrakech last night so catching up on emails now…YES! Will absolutely “like” you on Facebook. And liked you and the experience in reality too. Regaled my family with tales of the tapas tour and they kept thinking I was saying “topless” tour so that was our theme for my eating-drinking adventure my first night in Madrid.You were great. Entertaining, informed, fun. As soon as I get through the slog of mostly meaningless emails, I shall address Facebook. Two thumbs up, if possible. Thanks for a great time

Jan Ross Oct 2015

Just wanted to say we had an amazing night with Miriam last night.We will be booking to do it all again next time we visit Madrid!

Russell Verall Oct 2015

Hello James, we did the hot chocolate today, we kept busy all 3 days. we still keep talking about some of the food we had with you,esp the blue cheese dish. Thanks again and do come to Vancouver one day Cheers and Best Regards


Gillian Blakely Oct 2015

Many thanks for a great evening last night, we really enjoyed the experience.I have posted a review for you, hope it reads OK.



Michele Kabata Sep 2015

Sorry for not answering sooner. Thank you so much for the wonderful evening you have organised for us. We both had a great time! The group we had was really fun and you organised it brilliantly. The places you have brought us to were also very well chosen, and we would never have found them by ourselves, so thank you very much for it. Thanks again, and good luck with the business!



Denise Ko Sep 2015

Thank you for your email. We all had a very good time enjoying the food and the little history about the city. Thank you very much for Miriam looking after us very well.



Hal Wambach Sep 2015

Thanks again for last nights tour. We made it back to the apartment without having to do any backtracking, which is amazing for us!!! Up early today looking at options for a museum jaunt. If I had one take away from last's tour that impressed me the most was the way you are able to adjust and adapt to the different 'personalities' you're presented with on the fly. Thanks again, Hope to get a chance to see you on our next go around



Patricia Bayless Sep 2015

We took the Madrid tapas tour on September 12 and absolutely loved the experience. Miriam was bright, wonderful, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, considerate, and every other good thing you can say about a tour guide. She really made it a night to remember. We would not hesitate to recommend this outing for anyone visiting Madrid. Great evening out.

Jeff Weiner Sep 2015

Thanks for the note James. I've done many tours and this is the first time that I felt that I had to post a review on Trip Advisor. I had a great tapas tour and Miriam was simply an outstanding guide. She had great local knowledge and made sure that everyone in the group had a terrific time. I learned a lot and felt like I really got to taste tapas like a local. Thanks again to you and Miriam and I'll definitely sign up again the next time I find myself in Madrid.

Chloe Penny Sep 2015

A big thanks for yesterday evening that was super great! You also made my first team building event a success so thanks for that as well. Given all people comments today, i think I will not be the only one to spread the word ! ;)

Steven Shapiro Aug 2015

Thank you for a great night. We both had a great time! I passed along your card to someone today, with a glowing recommendation. Perhaps we will reconvene in a couple of years when I bring my younger daughter to España!

Dawn Chisolm Aug 2015

We had such a great time- and some sore heads the next morning which we then took to a cooking course (where we made paella and sangria!) The weekend did seem to have a food/ drink theme. Miriam was wonderful and looked after us so well. I've forwarded your e-mail to the rest of the girls. Thank you so much again. All the best

Catriona McVicar Jun 2015

It was great to meet you. Thank you for a great tour and for guiding us in the direction of an interesting bar. We have left you a glowing tripadvisor review. Would have done it sooner but we had to wait til we sobered up from all the pints of gin! Madrid is a wonderful city and we would hope to return sometime as we only scratched the surface in a weekend. We also had a day out in Toledo which was very interesting. If we're back we'll certainly book another tour and will recommend you to anyone heading to Madrid. Hope business continues to grow and thanks again


Candy Mullenix Jun 2015

We just wanted to say Thank you for a great and memorable night on the town! You combined the two groups after your colleague broke her ankle and handled it in true Scottish fashion. We had a great time on our last night in Madrid. It was great to try drinks and food that were totally outside of our box. Not to mention your fantastic sense of humor!

Jo Heywood Jun 2015

We had a great time on the tour, thanks. Miriam was very friendly, knowledgable and engaging. I've visited Madrid many times but still discovered new places (some just around the corner from where I'm staying!)…

Cindy Ulsterfield Jun 2015

I'm REALLY sorry for taking so long to respond; we came back to a bit of chaos when we arrived in the States; things are finally just simmering down now. I would be delighted to give you a rave review on TripAdvisor and will do so this week. I had a great time and have already recommended your tour to a friend who plans to visit Madrid later this year. I don't know if you'll remember because it's been a while since I took your tour, but we went to a place that served shark, tripe, incredibly delicious asparagus, and good red wine. Do you recall what the name of it was? (I promise not to blow it up online!) Also, I think you mentioned that in all the time you've lived in Spain, you've never been to Barcelona. You're not missing anything--Madrid is WAY better. :-)

Sandia Lai Jun 2015

Just wanted to let you know I didn't forget about you and posted a review on tripadvisor today :) Thanks again for the great tour, it really was one of the highlights of our whole trip! Also, we went to the paella restaurant you recommended and it was truly delicious.

May Zayan May 2015

Thank you so much for last night's tour, we both had an amazing time! We most definitely will five-star the experience on Trip Advisor when we get back, and will spread the word to all we know. I've friended you on FB and will connect via other social media as well. Again, so much fun. Plus it was great to chat with you after the tour, too.Keep up the wonderful work, this was an unforgettable experience for us!

Heather Knueve May 2015

Mark & I had a truly wonderful time last night. Your tour was amazing. We will definitely recommend anyone coming to Madrid should do the tapas tour with you and we will give 5 stars on tripadvisor.

Philip Eapen April 2015

You probably won’t remember us but my wife Beena and I went on the tapas tour with you late last month. We wish to thank you for the super time we had – that evening was certainly the highlight of our Madrid stay I have posted a glowing account on TripAdvisor which you certainly deserve. I had also recommended you to some lovely ladies we met in Toledo but I’m not too sure they made it – they were running short on time.

Cindy Siegal Apr 2015

You were the only tour guide who emailed us the next day to follow up. Class move. Just posted my review on trip advisor. Thanks for an awesome night. And we folled your Cava Baja suggestions and the sherry bar. Both great! Thanks!!

Michael Niehaus Apr 2015

Thank you, we had such a great experience learning about tapa with you and seeing and experiencing some very wonderful places and foods.We certainly will be writing a great review for you.Thank you

Yamila Rashid Apr 2015

I just wanted to thank you again for a great tour last night. I had a lot of fun and had some amazing food. You apparently take the time to really know where to take your tours so that they hve a good experience. Must be a hard life you have. Again thank you for taking us out. I knew there was a reason you gave me a good vibe, you share the same name as the main character in a series of books I am reading about a Highlander. Take care of yourself and I will definitely recommend your services if any of my friends or family decide to visit Madrid.

Maria Pia Bassini Apr 2015

we really had a great time with Danny , I wrote a comment on trip advisor as you deserve all our compliments, a nice evening a good choice of tapas a good company and a super gentle guide. We will suggest this to our friends in the future

David Kernick Apr 2015

I will definitely spread the word about your great business. I had a fantastic time on Friday 10th April and Miriam was a superb and informative guide. I even managed to find two of the four places she took us to on the following Sunday evening without satnav! …Madrid is a wonderful place and I will be back at some stage and when I do I will book another tour with you. Take care and thanks again.

Lisa Fish Mar 2015

We'll always remember our first night in Madrid fondly, with fun people, delicious food & plentiful drinks!Miriam, a special thank you for being such a great Tapas Tour Guide, we enjoyed every minute!

Bill Leonard Mar 2015

I want to let you know I had a safe trip back to Dallas last Thursday. I came back with great memories of Our trip to Madrid and Spain. The one thing that really stayed with me was your Walking Tapas Tour. All the thing you showed us about the night life and places to eat Tapas in Madrid will be something I will not forget. I told Flora the next time we plan a trip to Madrid, I was going to contact you to set up some places to eat and things to do while in Madrid.Again Thank You so Much for a Wonderful time on your walking Tour

Fay Smith Mar 2015

We had such a great evening & we will certainly recommend it to any friends or family coming in your direction.Please pass on our thanks again to Miriam. She was an excellent guide & such a lovely person as well. She went to so much trouble to ensure we all enjoyed ourselves & she certainly succeeded!! Thanks again to you both.

Donna Tomlinson Mar 2015

The tapas tour was great! Miriam pitched it just right and we had an authentic experience. Thank you. We couldn't remember the names of the tapas bars and also some of the excellent dishes we sampled so maybe Miriam could hand out a note at the end of the tour with bar and dishes names? I know she offered to write things down at the end but we were too drunk to think of anything! Thanks for a great experience!

Katrina Yepez Mar 2015

thank you! We all had nothing but happy faces when we left! Only exhaustion sent us back to the hotel, so really cannot think of anything better. I loved that Miriam was flexible to meet the needs of our group ( and we had a sweet group of people who were also flexible). I feel like we enjoyed Spanish culture the way it was meant to be, something we would not have done otherwise. I am normally an early to bed person... So for me to be going at 1am meant that I was enjoying myself And, I have already been on trip advisor, gave you all glowing 5 stars. We are also part of a large international community here in Belgium and will be sharing it to our travel section there. Cheers to you all and thank you

Laura Wright Feb 2015

The tour was fantastic and please be rested assured that I have already given a glowing review on Tripadvisor.Kind regards

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