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Experience Tapas Like a Local and Find the Madrileño in You

We love Madrid... and all things Spanish, particularly the vast variety of culinary delights that the vibrant tapas culture of Madrid has to offer!


Mix a bit of sight-seeing, light history, culture and anecdotes with amazing, traditional Spanish food and drink, and you get Adventurous Appetites - a unique and deliciously adventurous introduction to the inside culinary world of Madrid. We strongly believe that the way to truly understand a country’s culture is through its food and drink, and at Adventurous Appetites, we offer incredible tapas tours that deliver an authentic feel for the city and its people. As one of Madrid's longest-running and top-reviewed tapas tours, we are the best at helping you discover Madrid, just like a local.   


Our unique pay-as-you-go system differentiates us from other all-inclusive tours, which are generally of shorter duration and where food and drink tends to be pre-ordered and lined-up on the bar, allowing minimal to no choice in what you eat or drink.


At Adventurous Appetites, our team of charming tapas experts talk you through the options and recommend local specialities, catering to your likes and dislikes, as well as any dietary needs. Our tours are designed to give you greater control over what you try and how much you spend, all while immersing you in true tapas culture, just like a Madrileño.

So, come with an empty stomach, an open mind and a spirit of adventure - be prepared to find the Madrileño in you!

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History of Madrid

What makes Madrid so special?

Speak Like a Madrileño

Want a few survival phrases for a great time in Madrid?

The ever-evolving story of Madrid and the many cultures who have resided there since the 2nd century B.C. offer quite the historical background for Madrid being such a magical place for adventures.


Historians tell us that Madrid’s name derives from the originally Moorish city established in the mid-9th century which was first named Mayrit “the land of abundant waters” and later became Madrid after changing hands several times.


In the early 11th century, the Christian king Alfonso VI of Castile conquered the citadel and thus began the centuries-long history of a cultural mesh of architecture, food and religion that today remains apparent in the remarkable cityscapes and incredible cuisine, including tapas, making Madrid a fascinating place to visit.


For more details on Madrid's rich history and much more on Madrid, visit Madrid's official tourism website here.



Although approximately 400 million people in the world speak Spanish, Madrileños have a language all their own.


Here are a few key phrases to keep handy when traveling in Madrid:



Okay or Yes.


Una copita de vino tinto/blanco por favor:

A glass of red/white wine, please.


Una caña por favor:

A small house beer, please.


Hasta Luego:

Bye or Later.


No entiendo:

I don't understand.


Puede ayudarme?:

Can you help me?



Thank you.


Donde están los servicios?:

Where is the bathroom?


La cuenta por favor:

The bill please.

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